East Coast Kennels Labradors - Guarantee

All of East Coast Kennel puppies are sold with a full written guarantee governed by the State of New Jersey, Dept of Consumer Affairs Act regarding the Sale of Puppies in New Jersey. We certify all of our adult dogs annually to prevent the spread of bad genetic traits.

We remove the dew claws on all of our pups. This is very important not only for working dogs in the field but even for house companions to prevent scratching.

All pups are up to date on all their shots and wormings and come with a complete list of medications to be given to your local vet for continuation of their shots. All pups will have a health clearance given to them by a licensed New Jersey Veterinarian within 14 days of release. All potential buyers are recommended to have their pups re inspected by their local vet within 72 hours of leaving our facility. Also included with each pup is a complete history of the Labrador breed and helpful training tips and exercises that we feel will help the new owners to socialize and teach their new best friend. All pups come with the AKC paperwork and registration will be supplied with the puppy. All East Coast Kennel puppies are sold with a Limited AKC registration which prevents the indiscriminate breeding of dogs. If a full registration is needed this can be discussed when the dog is two years old and has had its clearances. Additional upgrade fees will be required.

All of East Coast Kennel puppies are fitted with a Microchip prior to leaving here. Chip registration certificates will be given to the new owners to have the pups up dated with their information. This aids in identification for us as well as provides the new owners a way of getting their pups back if they are ever lost.

We stand behind our pups 100%. We are always here to answer questions pertaining to training and handling and don't forget about you after the puppy goes to its new home.

Here at East Coast Kennels we built our reputation one pup at a time.

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